As a practice, we are always keen to help clients with projects at any stage, but sometimes a project needs to be realized before it can commence and evolve. A feasibility study at the beginning in sketch form can be helpful to explore several options to maximize the potential of a site to look to achieve the best possible outcome.

Preparing some initial sketches allows freedom and flow of ideas, and often sparks other thoughts, avenues, or concepts. Once these have progressed sufficiently enough, these form the natural progression to preparing the drawings suitable for a planning application.


All planning work is undertaken, from planning investigations and advice to submissions and appeals; We have an excellent record at the planning stage due to the experience and knowledge held by its employees. It is also because of the relationship with a handful of independent planning consultants.

These factors contribute to achieving the result we need. Another contributing factor to our success is our attention to detail and quality of drawings which we pride ourselves in. These not only further assist our clients in realizing their project, but also further assist the planning department too.


We obtain approval to work on projects located within a conservation area. Such works have included extensions to existing and numerous private house commissions where a sensitive approach has been essential.

Our team has handled internal alterations and carefully considered additions to the main structure.


From achieving planning approval, we complete construction drawings for building regulation approval and construction of the project on-site along with specifications and scope of works as appropriate.


In most cases, we continue the process from the drawing stage through to the construction and completion of the project on-site. It includes administering it, acting on the client’s behalf, and working with the contractor, ensuring we can deliver the project on time.


We offer a variety of imagery for projects depending on scale and budget, including photomontages, sketch models, colored drawings, and perspectives.


We produce 3D visuals based on the architectural drawing made by our team. These visuals can include sketch scheme models, street scenes, part or complete buildings, and internal views.