These tips and habits has helped me maintain a clean and tidy home on daily basis. Cleaning can be overwhelming and off-putting so incorporate these habits and tips in your life, and your house will always be clean and tidy before we get into the tips to clean house.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that, whether to clean or not to clean, it’s all in your head, we often think more about cleaning than actually getting up and doing it. So stop thinking about cleaning rather get up and do it.

One of my all favorite cleaning tips, which a lot of you guys are now following, is active mode on and off. It is a mindset that sets you up on an active mode. I am in my active mode few hours in the morning and girls bring it on any work and i will do it in afternoons.

I am in my rest mode and in evenings i am again in my active mode. It is kind of a switch that i turn on and off and turn from being very active to being a lazy bum. Try it out. It really works, and now, let’s dive right into our habits for a clean home.

1. Clean as you go.

The basic idea behind clean as you go is that, instead of waiting for the house to get really dirty and then having to spend a lot of time cleaning it, you just clean a little bit at a time. Here are some of the ways i apply it.

When I cook, if something has to simmer for few minutes, I utilize that time and clean up my cooking area as I wait in between stirring the food. So when I am done cooking, there’s not a big mess at all.

I will rinse utensils in the sink and start loading the dishwasher and do such small tasks. All I am trying to say is no idle time when cooking. If I see a mess, as I walk through the house, I’ll usually put a few things away, never walk out of a room empty-handed.

Picking up your house should be an autopilot mode habit. It literally takes just a minute to put few items and no more mess when Ii’m done brushing my teeth in the morning, I wipe the bathroom sink and counter to keep it clean.

Having my water, vinegar, bathroom, cleaner nearby makes it way easier when I’m done eating. I usually wash all the pending dishes, instead of leaving them in the sink.  I’ll, also put away any food, that is left over in the fridge, wash cooking dishes like pressure cooker knife, cutting boards and wipe up the counters.

You get the idea right. None of these takes more than a minute or three, but by doing it as I go, it takes very little effort and I never really have a messy house overall. This is an easy system that works really well.

2. Don’t leave a room empty-handed.

This is one of my top tricks to stay: organized, never leaving a room empty handed. I ‘ve gotten into the habit of always taking a look around before leaving a space in anticipation of putting something away in the space that I’m going into.

Is there a toy that needs to be returned to kids room, a coffee cup to the kitchen? Does it take a long time? It saves me time in the long run, because you aren’t living it all to clean up at one time later on.

You are on top of it decluttering or tidying up your home should be a constant process and not once or twice a week process.

Keep stuff in its place

3. Don’t put it down, put it away.

 It honestly takes 20 extra seconds or less to put something away in the right place.

The first time then dump it on the first free surface. You find then to move it when you need that space and then have to move it again and again until you. Finally, put it away, it really only takes few extra steps to put something away for the first time you use it think of the mantra.

Dont put it down, put it away every time, you’re about to put something down randomly in the kitchen. Is it dirty put it in the dishwasher? Is it clean or new, put it in the cupboard refrigerator or back in the pantry.

4. Break down your task.

Do you want to feel like you’ve got a ton of stuff done at end of the day? The key to achieving this is to work off a daily to-do list.  Make sure the tasks you put on your list are tasty tasks.

A tasty task is a task that is so well written that you almost can’t resist doing it. One key feature of any tasty task is that the task will take you no longer than one hour to complete. Another example is to clean and decorate so break down those big daunting tasks into smaller chunks, while making it tasty few examples would be start.

A lot of laundry in the morning dry in the afternoon and fold and keep it away in your organized wardrobe in the evening. Another example would be breaking down cooking chore into grocery list meal plan.

Weekly meal, prep and cooking will never be a chore rather a breeze.

5. Have a place for everything and have everything in its place.

Life works better when you know where your things are, it’s very frustrating having to hunt for something you know that you have but can’t find, and, conversely, very satisfying when your home runs like a well oiled machine, and you can find everything you want when you need It clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong.

Therefore, storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away. Not the effort needed to get them out so take the pain to organize. Once organize your kitchen, your pantry wardrobes, organize your house.

Make a place for everything and if something does not have a place, please donate when you get home each day. Take five minutes to put things back in their places. If you carry your laptop put it back at your desk, if you carried a book with you place it back on its shelf, if you are wearing a jewelry return it to its home, the same thing goes for your makeup shoes, your keys, even your handbag, make It a part of your i just got home ritual.

6. Have good cleaning products and gadgets,

Invest in tools that make cleaning easier and quicker a stick.

Vacuum is way better than using a broom that sweeps dust from one place to another. If you’re a gadget freak, invest in a robot vacuum, it doesn’t do a perfect job, I would say, but it makes house cleaning a whole lot easier and frees up your time.

Also, the attachments with the vacuum helps you easily clean, sofa or fly screen, which otherwise could be a very tough job. One of my favorite products is toilet blocks. It eliminates the need to clean the toilet bowls on daily basis.

As a bonus, your toilet never builds up that ugly brown ring and smells good, always have less cleaning products, use multi-purpose spray rather than having one for bathroom one for kitchen, one for glass, etc.

Less is more also, it prevents you from being exposed to various harmful chemicals on daily basis, if possible, go green mix, lemon and water in a bottle and wipe kitchen counters use, water and vinegar to clean bathroom surfaces and so on.

Baking soda and vinegar works best for cooktops to clean chimney, block drains, etc.

7. Create a cleaning routine.

The key to managing household duties quickly and efficiently is to design an easy to follow routine.

That includes all the most important tasks I have a morning and evening cleaning routine morning. Routine includes 30 minutes, regular cleaning daily and 30 minutes deep cleaning few times a week having deep cleaning as part of your cleaning routine, eliminate the need to wait for celebration to deep clean evening.

Routine includes kitchen cleanup, post dinner prep. I don’t wait to eat dinner to clean up my kitchen, as I would get lazy. I do it prior and quick 15 minutes to pick up the house. My house is never perfect guys.

It’S never perfectly tidy or clean at all times, but certainly under control morning and evening rituals help us pay more attention to our kitchens and how we feel and work in them.

Routine Cleaning

8. Don’t sit down before all tasks are done.

In short, don’t crash on the couch once dinner is cooked, don’t crash clean as you go as much as you can and whatever cleaning is left. Do it before you crash on your couch once you crash, I bet 99.9, you will feel lazy to get up and clean and you will certainly procrastinate it for tomorrow, leaving you a stressful and messy morning, so resist that urge to crash rather force clean up, then relax.

9. Donate then accumulate.

Keep a donation box, the more things you possess, the more cluttered your house will get possessions, not only clutter your physical space, but steals your mental energy too.

So take time to clean and organize keep stuff that you will really use and sparks joy in you. Donate the stuff that do not spark joy. There is more joy in owning less than can be found in owning more, and it is far better to donate than accumulate.

10. Keeping floors clean.

We all know how quickly dirt dust and grime builds up. Prevention is better than cure. Use doormats at entrance. Take your shoes off and ask guests to do likewise, too, immediately wipe up any spills, especially on porous surfaces like marble other than that, sadly, you’ve simply got to clean girl, so invest in a good vacuum that will suck all the dirt and dust off the floor.

Rather than sweeping or brooming, that kind of stirred from one place to the another, also having a spinner mop is great, as its microfiber mop head is idle for all flows and no bending required, though our Indian way of mopping is great workout.

It takes much longer to mop compared to a spin mop mopping. The flow every day is a good practice, as it adds a lot of positivity and freshness to the room instead of adding disinfectant to the water, simply add some sea salt and then do the mopping.

This will take away much of the negative energy and will raise the vibrations of the room. Salt is very effective way to get rid of pollution inside your home. Add one spoon salt to a bucket of water at least twice a week.

Salt has been used since ages by our grandmothers to remove evil eye by others, so give it a try.

11. Clean up spillages immediately.

This is no brainer clean up spillages immediately, rather than getting it dry as dry.

Stains need more time and effort and energy to clean than fresh spills, especially if you have kids around this is a very handy tip. Kids make mess and spill while eating so attend to it then, and there and not put it for later, as it will take away longer to clean, then i know i know we cannot always attend to spillages immediately, especially if there are few drops here and there In that case, spray, a disinfectant using spray bottle five minutes before mopping and mopping.

The floors would be so easy, as the spillages would be moist again.

12. Use, squeegee water, vinegar spray to keep bathroom mold away.

Tired of bathroom mold. Try this mix half water and half vinegar into a spray bottle, and once you are done, showering simply spray.

This mixture and leave bathroom open for an hour to ventilate you can even squeegee to take off excess water of glass and the walls vinegar will prevent any further mold formation. However, it will not magically remove the mold that is already sitting there, but after shower try.

This spray vinegar water mixture and take a toothbrush and thoroughly scrub it once your bathroom is free from mold spraying diluted, vinegar will prevent mold from reoccurring.

13. Keep counters clear.

Clutter starts at the counter top, which is why clutter free kitchens, you’ll notice always have clean and clear counters.

 Resist the urge to use the countertop as a drop of place for males keys, magazines, dirty dishes and all of life’s miscellaneous to keep bathroom counters free. You can use neutral shells like this keeping bathroom and kitchen counters clean, makes cleaning much faster and you’re most likely to do it on daily basis.

14. Have a laundry routine.

You need to create a schedule that works specifically for you and your needs so that you stay on top of your clothes and laundry never has a chance to pile up whatever suits you every other day or once a week or every day have a laundry routine Start washing machine in the morning dry clothes in the afternoon and put away in the evening few hacks that helped me in my laundry routine.

I use hangers for clothes that can go straight to the wardrobe post drying fold, clothes straight off the rack and do not tuck them away in a laundry basket to be attended to later on as later never comes and clothes keep moving from one room to the Another.

15. Done is better than perfect.

You don’t have to steam mop your flow every night when a quick vacuum and spot clean will do the job to make the bed in the morning time yourself to one minute, to make your bed putting off cleaning and tidying your home, because you think you don’t Have time to do it perfectly, leave you living in constant chaos so follow.

The mantra done is better than perfect. So don’t aim for perfection rather aim to tick off the item of your to-do list, as it is way more satisfying than to have it perfectly clean. I have a daily five-minute bathroom cleaning routine, where i quickly take out the towels flow mats etc from the bathroom next I spray and wipe the toilet with the toilet paper and flush it.

I clean the sink after I brush my teeth in the morning. So it’s already clean and I spray vinegar solution and squeegee post shower. I also clean floors just by pouring some water and squeezing and wiping it with a rag cloth so having a quick, routine and also breaking down tasks.

 16. Get kids involved.

Kids love to help their parents and learn many things during such works done together. They  help to empty the dishwasher, put the folded laundry away in their wardrobe.

They put away their toys in their room. It is amazing how much load is taken off your shoulders when everyone shares in the housekeeping requirements.

17.  Contain food eaten by children to the kitchen and dining room.

Only this is one of our house rules no eating in drawing room or sofa or bedrooms, rather only on the kitchen, island and dining table. If mess is limited to certain areas, then you do not have to clean up food crumbs from everywhere else in the house, which becomes out of control once kids grow up as they don’t listen.

My top 17 tips and simple habits: to have a clean and tidy home. I promise, if you implement these in your day-to-day life, then you will be on way to a zen state of mind and not living in clutter and stressing your mind.

My life is clean, tidy and under control, and so could be yours.