Why to decide budget for interior design?

Most of the modern population afford to live in apartments need interior designing to keep  their space clean and good looking. Refer my article on 17 tips for cleaning a small home with no help of a maid. https://addpacassociates.com/top-17-tips-and-habits-for-keeping-a-home-clean-and-tidy-at-all-times/.

However the affordability varies. Many new home buyers are not aware of that the interior is not included in the cost of their apartment. When they spend all their resources in buying the apartment, they may not have enough money to get Interior designing done for their living space. This article may help such new home buyers and also the one looking to add luxury to their living space.

Home interior design at low cost.

How much does interior design cost in India? How much to spend on your home interiors ? We will see in this blog how to arrive at a suitable budget for your home interiors. We should know why it is important to define an approximate budget for interiors before knowing how to arrive at an interiors budget.

 For this, let us consider an example of buying a car!! Doing interiors is also more like buying a CAR!! The core aspect of a car is to transport us from one place to another place But Cars are available in different budgets and in different sizes and shapes.  Based on your preference whether you want more mileage or comfort or based on the number of passengers will travel you will buy a car of your choice within your budget.

Similarly the underlying aspect of interiors is to make the available floor space into more efficient and functional areas.  Like in cars, interiors can also be done based on your preferences. You need to decide, whether you need the functionality or would you like to add more comfort or you want a more fashionable and luxurious interior. So as per your requirements your home interiors can be customized based on the budget.  

It is very important to give comfortable budget range along with the requirements to your interior designer. So that they would be able to give you better designs and solutions which can fit in your budget range. This will prevent you and your designer from unnecessary anxiety and in-turn they will provide you with a better solution in no time.  

How to decide an interior design budget?

When it comes to doing interiors for a new home we generally see clients have three types of requirements.  So let’s discuss the budget ranges for those three types.  Firstly, we need to understand any kind of work which is done inside a home or office can be part of interior designing.  We are considering woods and plywood, as base material for storages because they are most commonly used for interiors.  

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Entry level interior design cost for 2bhk.

The first type of budget range can be specified as ENTRY LEVEL INTERIORS or Standard Interior Requirement.  If you are planning to do interiors for a house in which you want all the basic functionalities to be covered and you are planning to use most of your existing furniture or if you are planning to leave the house for rental then the following budget range might work for you. For this let us consider an example of a 2bhk, 1000 sft house.

Keeping 1000 sft as the house built up area.  Here we consider built up area, not carpet area. We can also use carpet area for budgeting interiors but the given cost per sft range will increase.  For the entry level interiors you can keep the cost range between Rs. 250 to Rs.500 per sft of the house.  In this example our house is 1000 sft. So the overall budget can vary between Rs.2.5 lakh to Rs.5 lakh.

Why the budget range is so wide? Because interior cost is influenced by many factors like, quality of materials, size & quantity of objects need to be done, design & type of the work involved.  For this entry range what all you might get is, Modular kitchen, wardrobes and lofts for the bedrooms, low cost interior design for bedroom, tv units, crockery unit, wallpaper in one or two walls, maybe false ceiling in one area of the house like the living room. Mostly the woodwork storages with touch of designer work here and there.

Medium level interior design cost for 3 bhk

Ok, now let’s move onto the next level of requirement. Let’s call it the MEDIUM LEVEL Interior requirement. If you are planning to do interiors for your house in which you want all the functionalities to be covered plus you want to replace some of your old furniture with new ones and also want to add a good amount of design style to your house, Then this range might workout for you.

 For this let us consider an example of a 3bhk house, with 1500 sft built up area.  With this level of expectation you can keep the cost per sft between Rs. 500 to Rs.1000.  So the budget range can be between Rs.7.5 lakh to Rs.15 lakh for a 1500 sft house.  For this Medium range you can expect to get, All the woodwork, Designed False ceiling in key areas, wallpapers and claddings, some electrical, door and window curtains, some new furniture, AC’s in few areas and overall a good interior design styling.

High level interior design costing / Luxury interior design cost

Ok, now let’s move onto the last level of requirement.  Let’s call it the HIGH LEVEL Interior or luxury interior requirement. If you are planning to do interiors for your house in which you want all the latest technologies plus you want to bring in all new furniture and also want to add a great depth of design style to your house, then this luxury interior quotes might workout for you.

For this let us consider an example of a 3bhk house, with 2000 sft built up area.  With this level of expectation you can keep the cost per sft starting from Rs. 1400 to Rs.2000 So the budget range can be between Rs.28 lakh to Rs.40 lakh for a 2000 sft house.  For this High level interior you can expect to get, Best quality woodwork designer false ceiling in all the areas, wall decorations, designer curtains and blinds, complete electrical, Home automations, all new furniture, complete air conditioning and highest level of interior styling.

Please keep in mind that the discussed budget examples are to give you a broad idea of what you can expect for the amount you are willing to spend. Also remember even though your requirements greatly influence the budget, it is also greatly dependent on the skill of the interior designer. Selecting the right interior designer will also ensure whether you have got the right value for the money spent SO choose your designer wisely.

I hope you have gained some knowledge regarding interior budgeting and I guess this will help you to choose a right budget for HOME INTERIORS.

I thank Digital Deepak for helping me in forming this content and also thank Aakifa