The Eco Friendly Interior suggestions:

Interior design is also a way to be really earth friendly. But just because you’re earth friendly doesn’t mean you have no style, so the design trend is sustainable Interiors in eco friendly manner.

If you say, but it’s not a trend, it should be forever and it doesn’t matter what style or what trend you are aware of, you could incorporate sustainable interiors, and in this article we are going to know more about how to use it in your home.

Indoor Plants enriches the life style

Plants are beautiful, no matter what style you have they’re good for you. They make you feel good, just by just looking at the plants. Some examples  of the interior plants are given below

Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Dracaena Gold Star, Rubber Tree, Monstera Deliciosa, Marble Queen Pothos, ZZ Plant, Money Tree, Bird’s Nest Fern, Philodendron Green,

It is not that sustainable interiors is having plants inside the house but they are also integral part of Interior,  because having plants versus not having plants can really change the whole look of a space. It doesn’t really matter what your design trend or your design style is when you put plants in it, i feel like it just makes the space that Much better.  They’re also aesthetically pleasing and you can have a theme even with your plants like say you want certain colors and certain blooms and certain shapes and certain way of like Bringing plants into your space, you know whether you have lots of plants and it’s like a greenhouse or you have very curated plants in certain places.

Another thing with sustainable Interior is bringing in lots of natural light. I think that’s a really big element for any interior space, because you probably have lots of plants so you’re going to need lots of light, but that light and airiness any one will love.

We all love the arts and crafts style, but if that prevents entry of light in to your spacetc.,e, it is suggested to invite more light in to your space.  You just know how valuable natural light is and how good it is for us as humans to be exposed to as much natural light as possible. Nowadays after pandemic many people are getting affected by lack of vitamin D, which is freely available in natural sun light.

Naturally well lit

There are so many studies around how you know in the working environment when people have access to more natural light, they actually work better and you have less sick days and you just feel better there’s something about natural light that is inherently pleasing to the body in Every aspect, so sustainable interior equals natural light and lots of it.

Whether you’re thinking of transforming your space or just revamping one element in the room, doing it in a healthy and thoughtful manner can serve you better in the long run. Just like how we consciously handpick the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and more, choosing non-toxic paints for our homes can also impact the quality of our lives.

When we’re indoors, the air that surrounds us is nearly 80 percent of the time harmful for us as well as the planet. Though it was recommended to keep plants inside the room, it is not recommended to keep all varieties as some of them may cause harm to body. We’re all quite aware of the toxic nature of interior paints and the ailments that they bring. In the similar manner Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) content in the paint also cause harm. So why not switch to a paint that won’t wreak havoc on your health and becomes an eco-friendly accessory for your home? Eco-friendly paints are without airborne chemicals or gases that harm us

So another thing when you’re trying to do a sustainable home is to avoid using products that emit VOCs. It really needs to be healthy for the people who live there and are spending a lot of time there because you’re breathing, you know VOCs, is something you breathe in and we don’t want to breathe in bad stuff.

So limit your VOCs and again, there’s no limitation on what you do for paint. It’S just choosing to use stuff that don’t have VOCs really help make sure that your environment is super environmentally friendly to you.

Khadi Prakritik Paint is one of the ecofriendly paint promoted by government of India, available in two forms – distemper paint and plastic emulsion paint. Production of Khadi Prakritik Paint is aligned with Prime Minister’s vision of increasing farmers’ income.

The other Low Voc paints are, Nilaya by Asian Paints, Silk Breathe Easy by Berger Paints, Dulux India, Kansai Nerolac Impressions Eco Clean

So when you’re thinking about furniture materials for your space in sustainable interior style, you really want to focus on natural materials. So thinking about stuff, like your flooring, for example, could be made out of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification to ensure that the wood harvested for the flooring is done legally and sustainably. It means that the wood comes from responsibly-managed forest.  A reclaimed floor or a wool carpeting or you know, adding in jute rugs or natural sisal rugs embody all of these qualities, they become the first choice in flooring. The appeal of sisal lies in its earthy colors and arresting textures. Natural colors—ranging from satiated brown, golden luster to sand-colored tan—form a superb color palette. These neutral tones enrich any design style, whether it is traditional, modern or minimalist., but everything that’s really like a natural material.

FSC Wooden Sample

That is sourced from nature from renewable resources you know.  Some prefer to use bamboo instead of  wood.   If you’re just looking for finishes thinking about using furniture, that is from natural materials as well so linens, and you know, cotton, fillers.  Definitely looking at the construction of that piece of furniture if you’re able to get access to that information you may buy from known source or leave it to your interior designer to get it for you as they work with the color, theme and what not; suiting to your interior. So if somebody is looking to sell something whether you’re looking online or you’re, going to your local second-hand stores – or you know, antique store and finding pieces that you can, you know bring into your home and use again.

That is awesome because it takes it from going into a landfill and it brings it and gives it another life. So that’s another way to really incorporate that sustainable interior and again doesn’t have to be a specific trend.

Sustainable Interior

But you can plan any trend and still bring in sustainable interior and with that natural materials and furniture also comes natural textiles and finishes as well, so think again, cottons and linens and using items that are derived from natural, renewable resources into the fabrics and the finishes And accessories within your space, and that’s really how you achieve sustainable interior, the best part about doing an eco-friendly home is whatever trend you’re gravitating towards or whatever you know, sustainable interior will compliment that.. What is awesome about sustainable interior? It goes with every trend or non-trends? So you can do this with everything all right guys if you’re enjoying this content, i would really appreciate it if you would consider sending a feed back to